Saturday, July 18, 2009

A candle blessing

Yesterday was a time of very mixed emotions as I shared a farewell lunch with D at 60goingon16 mansions. I know that our friendship will survive her removal to another county but partings are always sad. But the lunch was a time for meetings as well and I met the Dear Daughter and the Only Other Blonde in the Village (readers of 60 will be very familiar with them) and we had the very best of times that women with a common bond can have: laughter, gossip, tears and cake!

I was shown the mahogany chest where D's "shameful" hoard of candles was discovered. As a fellow compulsive collector of candles, I see nothing shameful in having such a splendid hoard but I suppose I'll have to show a little self-discipline when we come to pack up the home. Tomorrow evening I will think of D settling into her new place, which will very soon become home, I'm sure. I will light a candle and think of her there and read this candle blessing that someone once gave to me:
May the candle I light
be more than itself.
May it be for you:
the touch of a lover,
the smile of a child
a drench of fresh rain,
a garden of sunflowers,
a good meal,

a dog to stroke,
a cup of clear water,
flowers for a friend
a yes of breath
a seed of hope,
a given moment ....

May it be:
healing for your sickness;
closeness in your loneliness;
comfort in your mourning;
self-respect when you are rejected;
love to share.

May it be a moment
of shining in a tiny bit
of the darkness:
a hope,
a prayer,
a blessing.
(Joy Mead)


  1. Oh, that was so beautiful. Thanks.

  2. That is a lovely candle blessing. I am glad you have a candle stash too :)
    I hope you will still be able to visit with your friend who is moving away.

  3. Nan, it really says all you would want to say, doesn't it?

    Terra, welcome and thank you for leaving a comment. Yes, I will be able to visit my friend in the future.

  4. Thank you, so much, M. The Dear Daughter and I read this last night and were very touched.

    Arrived safely despite atrocious weather; my son-in-law was waiting to greet us and had already put up the bird feeder in the garden. What a lovely chap - he knows what my priorities are.

    Am surrounded by boxes waiting to be unpacked, and am yawning just at the thought of it. But happy to be here and the sun is shining!

  5. D (and DD and lovely chap!) I hope you will enjoy a day or two of relaxation before tackling those boxes. Happy times ahead.


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