Monday, June 01, 2009

Gilad with Strings

June promises to be a glorious month, not just for the sunshine but for the cultural life of this part of Devon. The 11th North Devon Festival runs throughout June, with music, dance, drama, art and literary events to suit every taste. As with all good festivals, the Fringe offers many additional events and the MM and I went to our first, last night: Gilad Atzmon with Strings.The venue was the Parish Church in Barnstaple, a rather ugly (to be honest, a very ugly) Victorian building with very uncomfortable pews. The discomfort was ignored, as was the fact that only those with seats on the aisle could see the musicians, because the music was sublime. The combination of Gilad Atzmon's jazz quartet and the Sigamos string quartet is, as the Independent on Sunday said, "... as perfect a jazz marriage as you could wish for." You can hear some of it by visiting the Gilad website.

We have tickets for the Chris Farlowe gig on Sunday. I have a high regard for him as a generous performer after seeing him at Westonbirt, where he was the introductory act before the less-than-generous Van Morrison came on stage. Later in the month we will be going to some concerts at the Queen's theatre: first to see Darius Brubeck (son of Dave) and then the legendary John Mayall. We are also going to Exeter to see Courtney Pine in the middle of June so I can no longer complain that living in Devon means being cut off from all that is interesting.


  1. Curses; just as I'm leaving Devon, M, all these good things happening. Musn't complain, however, as I will be spoilt for choice where I'm going. But, oh, Chris Farlowe. His version of 'Out of Time' is one of my very, very favourite records from the 1960s; still have the old 45" . . .

    The last time I saw John Mayall live was at Eel Pie Island in the mid-1960s - a great bluesman and the Bluesbreakers were such a catalyst for enabling individual musicians to make their mark: Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood etc etc etc.

    So, am just going to pull out that iconic vinyl album, "Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton", and have it waiting on the turntable for when you arrive at lunchtime. We can have our own and very select, by invitation only, mini-festival. See you later!

  2. That will be great, D. And no-one to utter a word of scorn as we relive 60 as a time and not an age!

  3. Wow! Sounds like you are going to have an amazing June! Lucky girl. :)

  4. Karin, you have no idea what a cultural wilderness this has been. We plan to make the most of this summer.

  5. I've been meaning to write for days, and tell you how I chucked when I read the title of your post, and then found out what it was about. I have workout dvds by a fellow named Gilad Janklowicz, and I thought this was a new one. :<)

  6. I can see why you had to look again, Nan!


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