Friday, May 29, 2009

Painted ladies come to call

It has been a gloriously sunny day today so I have spent a lot of time in the garden. Even mother-in-law, who generally complains of the short walk from her room to the dining room, was persuaded to join us for lunch al fresco.

We noticed that we had a few uninvited but most welcome guests; at first just two Painted Ladies who were joined by a few more. At the last count there were fifteen.

I had heard that there are lots of painted lady butterflies in England this year but it was a lovely surprise to see so many in my garden.

If you spot Painted Ladies in your area, you can help Butterfly Conservation to map their migration by recording your sightings here.


  1. Only seen cabbage whites so far here. They seem to like the phlox. No ladybirds as yet, either.

  2. A painted lady came to call on me today also. Shortly afterwards I heard a radio piece saying that lots of them had just arrived from North Africa. For a moment I felt part of a bigger world! Mine looked remarkably fresh after such a long journey. Thanks for the link M, to which I have added my details. I saw your sighting there too. A butterfly link between friends; how lovely!


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