Sunday, April 26, 2009

The week ahead

I am going to be away for a few days, venturing into a few of those alien places that I usually avoid: cities. Short visits are bearable, indeed they can be very enjoyable, with the certainty of a rapid return to the country.

On Monday I will be in Exeter for my six-monthly hospital appointment which I will off-set with a visit to the lovely cathedral.
Then on to Bristol for two days of relaxation in a good hotel and an evening at Colston Hall for some blues:

On Wednesday, another city, another hotel and another concert: Birmingham to see Bob Dylan who will be looking and sounding a lot older than in this clip, but who cares?

I will report back on Friday.


  1. Maureen,
    I wish a grand week. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers on Monday!
    Are you a Bob Dylan fan? Some days ago I wrote about an episode in the late sixties on my Swedish blog ( I was travelling by Greyhound bus in the States when I met Diana, slightly older than I who said she was Bob Dylan’s sister. Do you happen to know if he has a sister? Nobody I have asked knows.

  2. Thank you, Margaretha. I am always glad when the check-up day is over.

    I like a lot of Bob Dylan songs and, of course, he is a great reminder of my student days. He is rather a mysterious person. I tried to find out about his sisters - one source says he had 2 brothers and 2 sisters (Carmella and Jacqueline), while another says he was the youngest of a very large family. I will let you know if I ever discover the answer.

  3. What a busy week. Hope the cathedral works its magic - it's one I'm very fond of. Looking forward to hearing about the trip.


  4. Hope all goes well today, M, and that you have a musical week of absolute fabness. Ask Bob if he could include a Devon gig next time he's over.

    You are right about the siblings; I suspect there are all sorts of people who, sadly, claim kinship with Bob, even when no kinship exists - one of the downsides of fame . . .

  5. You should be already on your I'll just waft all fond Good wishes for the checkup and have a nice musical city visit!

  6. that should have read "waft you"... but I can't type and concentrate at the same time!

  7. We saw Dylan at a local outdoor concert when our kids were teens. It was an enormous success for all age groups!

    I'll be thinking of you about the hospital visit. Always prayers that you are in robust health. If you don't blog, then you could email me when you hear.

  8. Val and Nan
    Many thanks for your good wishes. All went well at the check-up and the tension is over for another 6 months. I am always certain that it will be but it is still a relief to be told that all is well.

    I will write something about the concerts tomorrow. I ought to unpack and do the laundry now but must just have a quick look around the blogs.

  9. Excellent news, that's lovely!


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