Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unfortunately M.....

I came across this amusing distraction on Cathy's Capers. You Google "unfortunately ........." ( your name) and see what comes up. I tried "unfortunately Maureen" and came up with 248 pages. Here are some of the funnier ones:

"Unfortunately, Maureen never encountered any bears as she was leaving town either, and she’ll be returning home empty handed. ..."

"The perception is what counts and that is all there is, unfortunately. Maureen has my vote for the best looking old maid working for the NY ..."

"Unfortunately, Maureen discovered that Pudge and she were exactly the same weight and height—that did it! Through pure vanity, Maureen kicked her sugar ..."

"Unfortunately, Maureen, who doesn't need gilding, didn't get to keep them. Next to diamonds, emeralds are a girl's best friends." ...

I'm not sure what my children will think of this one:
"Unfortunately Maureen's records were not kept accurate,so the degree of mixture of breeds still remains unknown. Maureen has retired from breeding,"

"Unfortunately, Maureen was so inspired, she immediately ordered me to build a barn in our empty land across the street. So, anyway, next time you’re in the ..."

Try it with your name but don't forget the quotation marks.


  1. Well some were not printable ..lol
    but would you believe this came up!
    "Unfortunately Valerie’s witches’ wimple collapsed as she cast her spell..."

  2. There could be inspiration for a book of short stories here, Val. Mind that wimple!

  3. Oh dear; seeking distraction from thoughts of the Grumpy Neighbour, I tried this only to discover my name is linked to all manner of horrible diseases and disorders from colon cancer to blood clots and arthritis. And to add insult to injury, in one case, to health insurance having expired. Was comforted only by the fact that namesakes of the Grumpy Neighbour seemed to be having an even worse time of it . . .

  4. Sorry to hear that, D. I hoped it would offer a little amusement amid the dreary happenings of late. Perhaps you should skip a few pages to find the funnies; failing that ask the horrible neighbour if she recalls the generous tip you gave her when she worked at H-----S.

  5. Ooh, what a hoot. Will try it after work today and report back - can't possibly have a go now or I shall never get on with the day's essential tasks!

  6. It's a great way to waste time, J. Do tell us what comes up.

  7. That is just too funny. I must try this. I love the breeding quote. Hilarious!!

  8. Karin, I look forward to seeing your results!

  9. Well, seems I'm a singing bear, mainly, with a sideline in cheesemaking: http://julietdoyle.blogspot.com/2009/03/unfortunately-juliet.html

  10. Oh, what fun! I shall certainly have to Goodle "Unfortunately, Margaret ..." There will surely be some connected to Lady Thatcher?
    Margaret Powlkng

  11. J, I'll be over in a minute to take a look.

    Margaret, let me know what you find.

  12. Hello Monix
    Just popped in to say hello.......and as my Mother used to say - I wont take me coat off I'm not stopping :))
    Well, you certainly came up with some beauties didn't you LOL
    Take care

  13. Hi Cathy, thanks for giving us a lot of fun in a miserable March.

  14. I thought it wouldn't work for my name but look at this:
    "Unfortunately, Angelika is taken captive by the queen, who hopes to use her as the twelfth and final youngster for her secret potion that will restore her youth."
    That's hilarious, thanks for telling me about this.

  15. Excellent fun. Works really well with "Unfortunately Susie" In fact, a whole new world has opened.


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