Sunday, March 08, 2009

The birthday party

I've just returned from celebrating Amelia's first birthday. I haven't had time yet to sort out the pictures but here are a few to give a flavour of the day.
Are these really all for me?
This looks interesting.

And it makes a noise ... Mummy, why is Hannah's mummy going to be sorry?
I'm not sure that I like balloons
But cakes and candles are really good fun.
Happy birthday to me.


  1. Ahhhh, how lovely. There's nothing like a First Birthday. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing with all Millies blog-fans!

  2. The cake was lovely, D. Made by a ten-year old, too!

    J, The camera was forgotten most of the time so I'm hoping other people will send me some photos.

  3. Like Juliet, ahh! With Mother's Day (and my youngest's 22nd bday) in the offing this gorgeous girl made me come over a bit weepy!

  4. Thank you for these pictures. She is so, so adorable. The cake looks great - homemade? Want to share that recipe? :<) Oops, I just read the comments, and you said it was made by a ten-year old. Great job! I'd still like the recipe.

  5. Nan, I will ask my daughter if the little girl who made the cake is willing to share her recipe! I think it was a simple vanilla-flavoured sponge, decorated with icing and Smarties. It was a great hit with the children and adults at the party.


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