Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The ten billion dollar cucumber

I had just finished writing up the vegetable recipe when my newsletter from Zimbabwe arrived in my inbox. In today's message, Mags Kriel talks about fruit and vegetables too but her experience is a little different! The currency restrictions in Zimbabwe only allow people to withdraw enough money from their bank to buy one apple a week. Cucumbers cost ten billion Zim dollars so shopping for vegetables at the market has ceased.

As always, Maggie's article lets us know what daily life is like for the people in Zimbabwe but she retains her sense of humour. Check out the added interest given to driving on the roads of Bulawayo by people avoiding the police and a lack of lamps for the traffic lights!

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  1. Oh Monix! The woman who wrote the newsletter has a lot of umph! The human spirit is always remarkable, isn't it? Adapting itself to all sorts of situations and surviving with grace and humour. My prayers are always with the people of Zimbabwe.


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