Thursday, January 08, 2009

Rediscovering little treasures

It is taking a long time to pack boxes of books ready to go into storage, into the attic or off to the charity shops. I have managed to get through several thousand today but every so often I come across a long forgotten treasure and I can't help getting lost in its pages.

One such treasure is a rather disreputable-looking copy of The Dragon Book of Verse, dated 1936. I probably bought it a long time ago, ignoring the scribbles and stains because of the lovely illustrations by Gillian Alington.
Robin Hood

John Gilpin

Oberon's Feast

Back to work .....


  1. Oh it's gorgeous!

    Books like this make me want to buy...we have an antique bookshop in our village and I do have to restrain myself.

  2. Fortunately we don't have such temptations on our doorstep, Sarah. I think this book probably only cost a few pennies because it is in pretty poor shape but the illustrations are untouched.


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