Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heading northwards

Tomorrow I am heading northwards to visit my sister for a few days and will not have access to the internet. Back soon.


  1. This may be too late but if not, do take all my love to the family 'up north'. I am sure that like me you still feel you are truly 'home' when you get past Birmingham.

  2. Absolutely, Crinny. I'll be in touch when I return.

  3. So is that graphic a cross in a church window with a communion table or a 4-lane carriageway going under a bridge?

  4. Harry, Don't you recognise that very Catholic Motorway symbol? (Perhaps catholic is restricted to European in this instance.)

  5. No, I don't, and when Brit was blogging at Daily Duck I was often struck by how much American and British daily icons have diverged compared to 40 years ago.

    My wife likes to listen to reruns of the BBC "My Word" program, and half the musical questions had American answers in those days. I don't think that would be the case today.

  6. Harry
    I'm probably out of touch, but I still have the impression that our language is influenced more by America than Europe and that we share more culturally. I expect the Highway Code needs to be standardised across Europe since we are more likely to visit neighbouring countries.


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