Thursday, January 15, 2009

D is for diced vegetables

D has proved to be a difficult letter for my vegetable alphabet. I have looked through all of my gardening and cookery books but couldn't find any vegetables beginning with D. There are recipes for dill and dandelions but I don't class them as vegetables. Cheating is my only answer to the D dilemma - D is for diced vegetables.
Almost every day from mid autumn until late spring, I have a vegetable stew or soup simmering in my Dutch oven. I always start off with onion and then I add whatever vegetables happen to be in the fridge or garage. The stew pictured above has onion, leek, courgette, celery, aubergine and sweet potato. I sauté them briefly then cover with vegetable stock and simmer until tender.

This stew has lots of red vegetables - red peppers, sweet potato, butternut squash and carrots.

Sometimes I use canned tomatoes instead of stock. Sometimes I use spices and chilli for a little interest. I always add fresh or dried herbs and lots of black pepper. But the basis of all the dishes is a selection of not-too-precisely Diced vegetables. These dishes are versatile, cheap and easy to make and ideal for anyone counting calories.

Now, can I get away with using this for M (for mixed) and V (for vegetables) I wonder?

I have two very nice new cookery books - one for Chinese food and the other for Indian food. The first person to offer a real recipe for a vegetable beginning with D may choose one.


  1. Yum! Boy that looks good! Let's see, I think dandelions are definitely vegetables. My mom used to make them for my father with salt pork (a delicacy this not-yet-vegetarian couldn't stomach even then!). Dandelions certainly aren't a fruit. So, if they are green and edible, what else could they be but a vegetable? :<) I think what people do, even without meat, is to boil them up like spinach and serve with butter and salt. Oh, and what about daikon - something I've never tried but always read about in recipes. Is that a veg? I'm interested in participating in this veggie alphabet thing, and I'm off to read your first post about it. Sorry I haven't been around much lately.

  2. Well, Nan, I had not encountered daikon before. I've looked it up and it certainly is a vegetable - a Japanese radish, apparently.

    Come up with a recipe for that or the dandelions and you can select a book from my cookery section. I'll sort out some more to choose from as both the Chinese and Indian ones I had in mind have mostly meat dishes - the reason I don't want to keep them!

  3. I guess that was the recipe. Boil it up like spinach, drizzle with butter, and sprinkle with salt. My kinda cooking! :<)


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