Friday, October 24, 2008

Tesco finest?

We have a shiny new supermarket on the edge of the village. There has been a lot of local opposition to it with people fearing that the independent shops will be hit hard. I like to support local business as much as possible but I can't get everything I need in the village, so off I went to the new store to buy a few things I would normally have to drive into the nearest town to find.

At the top of my list was olive oil and this bottle of Andalucian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, described as Tesco Finest, looked ideal. I made a salad for lunch and thought a drizzle of the new oil would be a nice addition. The bottle top is covered with a metal foil seal but there is no discernible way to open it.

One broken knife tip................ cut finger ........
.... the metal foil collar is separated from the bottle .......

....... but the top is still firmly in place.

I think £6.95 is probably the finest price one would pay for a cut finger, a broken knife and an oil-free lunch. And I still haven't managed to open the wretched bottle!


  1. I'll get my husband to try that when he comes home, e. I think 20 minutes of my time is more than enough to spend on opening a bottle, don't you?

  2. Take it back!
    I am intrigued to know exactly where the new Tesco is. Is it in addition to the supermarket that was already in Braunton?

  3. Poor you - am assuming all this happened after my flying visit! Did you manage to finish the mammoth cook-in?

    PS North Devon was looking absolutely stunning today in all that autumn sunshine.

  4. Of course I do, but desperate times sometimes require desperate measures. I keep a pair of pliers in my car to open water bottles when my roomie isn't with me.

  5. e, the metal foil covering the cork had to be removed first. My husband cut through it with scissors but I hadn't been able to grip the bottle well enough to do that. Usually, this kind of top has a tag to pull open. I just won't buy this brand again.

  6. crinny, it is on the site of the old Brannoc Fibres factory, lower down the lane than the cricket club. The entrance for cars is (mercifully) on the road in from Barnstaple, just before you get to the village. A new roundabout and road have been built since your last visit. We are almost a city now!

  7. D, yes, thank you, I managed to get everything finished for my lunch tomorrow. It was a pity that I had to spend the whole day shopping and cooking instead of enjoying the lovely sunshine. I am sure my camps' team will appreciate my efforts when I take the results to the meeting tomorrow - especially the chocolate brownies. They turned out really well.

    It was lovely to see you, even briefly.

  8. Best to stick with the WWII diet, or is Andalucian Extra Virgin Olive Oil part of it?

    In those days, we'd have put the cap of the bottle in the door jamb and it'd have been off before you knew it. Don't you remember?

  9. Of course I remember, Stephen! I don't think the door jamb would have broken the metal seal, though.

    I've settled for soups and stews from the WWII diet and come back to the 21st century for the rest.


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