Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Singing their way out of poverty - BLOG ACTION DAY

Regular visitors to Random Distractions will be aware of our family interest and concern for the people of southern Africa. My husband spent his childhood in Zimbabwe, where his father worked to eradicate smallpox. Thankfully, that disease is no longer the dreaded killer that it was but it has been replaced by the even more devastating scourge of HIV/AIDS. Families in many African countries are affected, with thousands of children left as orphans and living in poverty.

My favourite charities are those which help people to help themselves, so I was delighted to see the film 'We Are Together' and to realise that I could help a group of Aids orphans to make a better life simply by buying a copy of their CD and DVD. The film is both heartbreaking and heart-warming. It shows the reality of communities coping with HIV/AIDS and its aftermath. African people sing all the time, through sorrow and joy, while working or at rest. In 'We are Together' we see how singing helps this small group of children get through tragedies and sadness and it is fitting that their singing should prove their means of survival.

When we feel helpless because the scale of a problem like child poverty is so great, it is good to see that our small gestures can have a huge impact on individual lives. You can help the Agape children here.


  1. awesome post! Thanks for the info and the link :) I just posted on poverty today, mine is for another cause, but it is cool to see people getting involved in the lives of others.

  2. I'll come over to see what you have chosen, Bethany.

  3. An excellent post, M. Let's hope that it helps to boost the sales of the DVD and encourages support for a very, very worthwhile cause.

  4. A great Blog Action Day Post. Thanks so much for the link and the video clip, M.

  5. D and J, you couldn't help but love and admire those kids.


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