Sunday, October 12, 2008

The coastal path at sunset

I was hoping for a spectacular sunset this evening, so headed for Baggy Point with my camera.
Before getting very along the path, a great bank of cloud appeared and Baggy almost disappeared.

Not as spectacular as I would have liked but pretty enough after a glorious, sunny day.
It seems that October is making up for the cold, wet summer. I certainly wouldn't want to be anywhere but on the coast right now.


  1. Just as well you snapped it when you did, M, weatherwise things have definitely taken a downturn since yesterday . . . or at least they have in this part of Devon.

  2. Wet morning here too, D, but pleasant afternoon. No more dramatic sunsets, though. We must grab the moments when we can!

  3. What a beautiful looking day, M. Thanks for sharing.


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