Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer came ... and left

On Friday, the sun shone, not brilliantly but consistently. It was the last day of my brother's visit so we braved the crowded roads and went to Appledore, the pretty little fishing village on the estuary where the Torridge and Taw rivers meet.

The steep, narrow streets leading down to the quay boast many art galleries and studios in the former fishermen's cottages.With wonderful views across to Instow and the Devon countryside, it is not surprising that many artists are choosing to live and work here.
Appledore's maritime past is celebrated in this museum and in the name of the adjacent cottage - The Master's House.

But ..... back to those art galleries....
...... isn't that my husband emerging with what looks suspiciously like a large picture?

More words on that later. Before making our way back to the car park, we discovered the imaginative 'local convenience'.
Then home, to face the usual holiday weekend of wind and heavy showers.


  1. Great pictures and perhaps a new picture for your walls.

    We got our sun back today too. We weathered a peculiar tropical storm named Fay. It came and stayed on and on. It rained so hard I couldn't imagine where all the water went.

    Now we're left with a ton(ne) of yard debris to rake up and bag.

  2. Final picture: Oh M, I love it! Do you have to pull the rope? And do you know it's your turn when the chains are down? - And no queque!

  3. e, I believe we are working towards this month being the wettest August for 100 years. The sunny days have been rare.

    Crinny - quite!

  4. Oh my goodness, you had sunshine on Friday. Lucky M! Raining again here this morning. Well, I'd be surprised if it were not.

    And a husband emerging from an art gallery with a big parcel . . . hope it was something you liked. My late husband and I never agreed in the slightest about art and what to put on the walls. Marital tensions would always be running high if one of us arrived home with a new painting . . .

  5. We are back to the usual rain, D. Sorry you missed out on that brief glimpse of the sun.

    We did agree on the painting, though that isn't always the case. I'll be writing a separate post on that when I've caught up with all the post-visitor laundry.

  6. What a beautiful town. I don't think I could live that close to neighbors, but it sure would be nice to stroll down those streets. The 'convenience' is so funny!

  7. We did consider buying a cottage there a few years ago, Nan, but they are more pretty than practical. I think the 'convenience' sign belongs in my collection of absurdities, don't you?

  8. I love your photos. Question: For the photo of the steep, narrow street, it appears that you were standing elevated from the street level. What were you standing on?

  9. Carolyn: I'm glad that you like the photos. I was simply standing on the road when I took that picture of Bugle street, leading down to the sea. Nothing more than my 5 feet 8 inches!

  10. What a perfect name, Appledore, suitably scenic. Lovely photos.

  11. There are some lovely villages on the coast and inland in North Devon, Susie. If only we had the weather to match, we would all take our holidays at home.


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