Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mi plato flamenco

My ever generous and thoughtful friend, D, brought this delightful 1930s cake stand when she visited last week. It depicts a flamenco dancer. You may recall that I was much attracted to the dance on my recent visit to Valencia and D and I are seriously considering joining a class in the autumn.In the meantime, I'll just use it for cake.

The dancing lessons, like my attempts at Spanish, are a joke.)


  1. I'm posting some Spanish cake recipes to you today, M - to go with the plate. Mind you, the one in the photo looks pretty yummy!

  2. I look forward to trying the Spanish recipes, D. As you can see, the cake stand (and its contents) has been a great hit with my visitors.

  3. That cake looks great. Could you be persuaded to publish the recipe?

  4. That is my son's favourite cake, Bruessel, a very simple one but always popular. I'll put the recipe up when the last of my visitors leaves, tomorrow.


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