Monday, August 18, 2008

Amelia and Rubik's cube

Our after-lunch discussion yesterday concerned the Rubik's cube. The mathematicians said the solution was simple; the youngsters could do it with their eyes closed; my brother, visiting from his Greek Island, talked about local concern after reports that research using Rubik's cubes showed that octopuses should be re-named duopuses; I have never mastered the cube at all and have no interest in doing so.While all this discussion was taking place, Millie was quietly getting on with solving it for herself.

She went home today leaving a very sad Grandma so I'm off to the cinema with one of my house guests to cheer myself up with a little 'Mamma Mia', as recommended by dear friend D in a recent post.


  1. Adorable baby!
    Am sure you will enjoy Mamma Mia.

  2. That Millie's a very clever girl - as I can now confirm, having had the pleasure of meeting her!

    Hope you enjoyed the film as much as the only other blonde in the village and I did, M.

  3. I'm afraid the trip to the cinema was a failure, D. My niece and I set off in good time for the 4.45 showing only to find that all the seats had been booked. We managed to secure the last two available seats for Wednesday evening. Barnstaple has a very, very small cinema and all the poor holiday makers have to get out of the rain somehow, I suppose.

    (Yes, that is a sympathetic comment from the great Grockle-hater! I may dislike having the roads blocked but I don't wish this dreadful weather on anyone's annual holiday.)

  4. 'I have never mastered the cube at all and have no interest in doing so' - my sentiments entirely!

    Mamma Mia is a film which every woman I know who's seen it heartily recommends as a wholly cheering experience, while men just shrug perplexedly. I've yet to see it myself, but am in need of cheering, so must find a friend and get tickets asap!


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