Friday, July 11, 2008

July Book Winner

I'm pleased to announce that the winner of The Edwardians by Vita Sackville-West is Diane. I'll be putting it in the post today, D. I hope it will be frivolous enough to counter the gloomy summer weather.


  1. Coo - how exciting, M. Thank you so much; I'm very fond of Vita et al and I look forward to reading this.

    It certainly beats the raffle prize I won at my dear old convent school: a basket of fruit. At 15, a basket of fruit isn't exactly top of one's wish list.

  2. Your nuns were meaner than ours,D. I won a bottle of Nuits St Georges when I was 12! Although I had to get written consent from my mother to carry it home and she had to acknowledge receipt of it to ensure I hadn't passed it round the bus en route.

  3. Well done, Diane. A couple of weeks ago Chris and I went to St Marychurch and had a stroll along Babbacombe Downs. There was a charity fair taking place and I happened to stop at one of the tents whereupon I bought two 'instant win' raffle tickets (if you had the right number you would be immediately given a prize.) And I promply won two prices: a bottle of champagene and a long-life light bulb (the first was wonderful, the second less than useless ... something else we've been conned into thinking will save the planet! We would need so many more of them than an ordinary light bulb in which to light the room!)
    Margaret Powling

  4. Congratulations, D. You won't be sorry you won this!


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