Monday, July 14, 2008

Amelia and Grandma#1

Blogging will be both sporadic and baby-centred for the next couple of weeks as I have started my babysitting duties in London. Millie's Mum went back to work today, leaving me in charge. It is a huge, though delightful, responsibility and I am trusting in Nature to supply the grandmaternal instinct for the task because I seem to have forgotten all I must have known when caring for my own babies!

We rehearsed feeding Millie with a bottle yesterday - so far she has resisted and this was adding to the anxiety Her Mummy was feeling about leaving her. It wasn't very successful and everyone ended up in tears but I assured my daughter that babies don't starve when food is available. I wasn't feeling as confident as I sounded. Today we had lots of distressing scenes until I hit on a ploy that seems to be working: instead of holding Millie on my lap and offering her the bottle, I propped her on pillows on the sofa and held the bottle towards her; she grabbed it with both hands, pulled it to her mouth and guzzled happily away.She may be only 17 weeks old but she knows what she wants and a bottle filled with mother's milk is not the same as mother herself; so long as I acknowledge that and don't try to fool her, I think we'll get along just fine. But oh, I'm exhausted! Tomorrow can only get better.


  1. Oh, how I sympathise! Scott was about the same age as Millie when our daughter went back to work and we started our two day a week stint. I was frankly rather scared even though they'd been living with us (but just moved out) since he was born! I think it's the thought that *you* have complete responsibility. I'm certain you'll be fine and Millie certainly looks to be thriving. Best of luck!

  2. How reassuring, Cath. I hope the photos at the end of my stint still show a happy, healthy babe!
    Day 2 has started quite well: daughter less tearful leaving home; I recognised Millie's first lot of crying as wind, burped her and she is sleeping peacefully again; I've cleaned the whole flat and now I'm having a cuppa and catching up with my emails and it is still only 09.40!

  3. A grandma from heaven! What fun for both of you.

  4. Well done, M! Mine always took a bottle quite happily from other people, once they got the hang of it, but never would from me until they were much older than Millie. It can all be pretty distressing at first, but I'm convinced it's worse for mums than it actually is for babies, who are surprisingly adaptable.

    Great to see that you are still finding time to blog, anyway. At least your dependent readers won't have to experience any separation anxiety!


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