Friday, June 27, 2008

Back to an English summer

Yesterday I was seeking shelter from the sun in Valencia and today I'm back to the reality of raincoat and brolly in not-so-sunny Devon. From 36 to 17 degrees centigrade (96F to 62F) in two hours!It was a short break but we packed a lot in and I will post a few facts and photos when I get myself organised. My overall impression of Valencia is one of boldness - in planning, design and structures. I took lots of photos of the buildings, the gardens, the wonderful ceramics and the new Marina Real development. More about all of that in the next few days; in the meantime, I wonder what I have been missing while I was enjoying my horchata and fartons in the Horchateria de Santa Catalina? One very pleasant surprise on opening my email was to find a message from Michele of HedgelandsGlassLassGems, saying that she had nominated me for a blog award! Michele said some very nice things about Random Distractions, for which I am most grateful.
Now, of course, I ought to nominate five more people for the award but, having been away while all of this was happening, I missed out: all of my favourite bloggers have been nominated already. If your blog appears on my side bar, then you know I think you add 'beauty, love and joy' to the world of blogging, I could add humour, intelligence and interest to that list.
More on Valencia tomorrow but, for now, here is a contrasting picture of the Devon sky.


  1. Welcome back, M. Sorry it's been damp down in Devon (though that's a lovely sky pic) - we've been basking in sunshine over this side of the country. Looking forward to seeing some more Valencia photos soon.

  2. I cheated with the sky pic, J. That was taken the evening before I went to Valencia but even our brightest and best looks dull by comparison. I think we have some sunshine coming our way on Monday, I hope you don't get the rain.

  3. Great to have you back, M. When can we expect to see those photos of you in full flamenco mode?


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