Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Home again, home again

I'm still in grandma mode after my week with the lovely Amelia. My head is buzzing with nursery rhymes, nappy changing and little purple socks. I'll try to do better tomorrow but in the meantime here she is with her equally lovely mummy and, yes, she is wearing one of the little jackets I knitted:


  1. ... and how happy they both look!

  2. It has been a lovely week. We three girls make a great team!

  3. How blissful they look, M. It must have been a wrench to leave them.

    Lovely cardi!

  4. It was a terrible wrench, J. I have a couple of important meetings to attend this week or I would still be there! Tanith is planning to come to stay with us soon, though.

    Glad you like the cardi - Amelia has already outgrown the newborn sized one that I knitted, the minx. I've threatened to buy her a doll to wear it - 'threaten' because Tanith never liked dolls, or dresses or anything at all girlie. I'm going to be so thrilled if my granddaughter turns out to be a little princess and I can buy her pretty ribbons and frilly things!

  5. Welcome back and what a lovely post and pic!

    See you soon, I hope.

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