Sunday, February 10, 2008

The wedding bonnet

I'm back from the wonderful weekend of celebration. I didn't actually wear a hat for this occasion but here is the one I wore for my daughter's wedding in 2006. Tomorrow evening it will contain the names of all those who have entered the draw for the Cranford DVD.

It isn't too late to enter - just leave a comment (' hello' will do) on the previous post and you will be in with a chance.


  1. Glad you're back home safely. We'll await pictures and details of the great celebration.

  2. I love hats, J, and wish I had more occasions to wear one. I'm an Edwardian at heart!

  3. Oh, me too!!

    Apart from wearing various functional cold-weather and waterproof headgear, plus sunhats of course, I find there are very few opportunities to acquire and wear a seriously posh hat. (And sounds as though you've just been diddled out of one of those rare opportunities!)

  4. True, J, no hat but the long weekend meant I could indulge in three new outfits!


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