Monday, February 25, 2008

More good swag

What could be nicer (other than knowing you'll soon be setting out to have lunch with someone special) than to open the door to the postman holding this intriguing pile of packages when it isn't even your birthday?

I just had to sit and admire them for a while before opening.

And here, in all their glory, the contents!

I know I said I wouldn't buy any more books until my TBR pile had diminished, I even tried giving them up for Lent, so here is my public, shaming confession - as Dorcas might say: "Books are my one weakness!"

The beautiful new books are my first from Persephone, I have resisted their enticing catalogue for a long time because I want to own them all. The lovely unopened package is Persephone's gift to me for buying three titles at once. I do know what is inside but I'm going to resist opening it until I am in need of cheering and, with all those other books to get through, I don't need a special treat just yet.

Just to balance the books (forgive the pun), I have followed the link to ReadItSwapIt, from 60goingon16, joined up and exchanged six books in as many days. The two books at the bottom of the pile are swaps I've just received. I feel very virtuous when trotting off to the post office with my swaps, knowing that I am recycling and helping to save the village post office at the same time. (I'm not all bad!) Now I'm off for that lunch.


  1. Good morning M! I've just acquired my first Persephone book too. (Oh no, not another coincidence.) It's a Dorothy Whipple. And five RISI swaps are off to our village post office this morning ... which means that five more are on their way here. I think our wonderful postlady thinks I've changed careers and am now running a bookshop.

    Persephone is definitely a very special publishing house and there are parallels with Virago. I remember the excitement of Virago's launch in 1978; its first book was Antonia White's Frost in May. And there can't now be a former convent girl in the land who hasn't read it.

    See you later!

  2. Yes, I was in that queue for 'Frost in May', maybe just behind you! I don't think the new Virago covers are nearly so exciting as those gorgeous, instantly recognisable green ones.

    I can see that I will have to clear a shelf for a whole set of Persephones. They will all be new, though, as I can't imagine anyone wanting to part with one.

    I hope you have noticed that I'm bringing the sunshine with me, or did you organise that?

  3. oh, oh, oh! I've just been to the website - just the kind of place my PC 'settings' should be adjusted to deny access to! I can definitely feel an order coming on. My TBR pile(s) won't be able to stand it and will crash to the floor, wreaking havoc in my home. But . . . how can one possibly resist? They are positively edible.

  4. Right - picking up where we left off ... it seems that someone in Tiverton is discarding their Persephones (or at least one of them). I found Dorothy Whipple in a pristine condition but languishing in a charity shop.

    What happened to the sunshine, by the way?

    Lovely to see you. Hope you got home safely.

  5. I feel no shame at all, J. In fact perhaps there's a little glee around, since you've got me searching for bits of sea glass!

  6. There is obviously a better class of charity shop in Tiverton, D. We only get Mills & Boon around here!

    Thank you for a lovely lunch and great company. I got home in just under 50 minutes and all inside the speed limit. Give the boys a pat from me and don't forget to post a picture of that bag I so admired. I think J would love it too. Perhaps we should set up a new blog with beautiful bags and your soup recipe for starters - a joint effort - something like 'random beautiful and interesting thing for 60s' with an Ampersand perhaps?

    And the sunshine? It was here when I left and when I returned so it must be our micro climate.

  7. Oh it's just not FAIR. You've seen D's bag and I haven't! I'm going to go off in a monumental sulk now. Bye.

  8. I have to say, the only Persephone I ever saw in a charity shop in Tiverton was one I already had. Honiton's the place to go... their Oxfam is much better than ours.

    I've been trying to join ReaditSwapit for over a week. I registered but didn't get the activating e.mail. After a few days I e.mailed them but have had no reply - this is several days ago. I'm so disappointed and have no idea what to do now.

  9. I must get myself to Honiton soon, Cath!

    I'm sorry about your lack of response from ReadItSwapIt, another visitor followed the link from here yesterday, joined and had her first swap immediately. Why don't you try starting your registration from scratch?

  10. Juliet, D's bag is TDF (to DIE for!!!), not quite CK but definitely retro and a perfect match for her new twirling wellies.

  11. Blogger has been playing silly games again and decided to change my display name to Maureen N - it is still me, monix, though. This comment is just to see if things have changed back after my fiddling about on Layout.

  12. I did try the reregistering thing, M, but it told me someone already had that e.mail address... which was *me* of course. LOL.

    Anyway, all is now solved. I checked my spam box for a third time and found a reminder from them lurking there and my account is now activated. *Phew*

  13. M & J: I think you should leave my twirling wellies out of it - otherwise everyone will want some.

    And as for the bag- well, I think I'll have to set up some special lighting effects to show it off to perfection. Otherwise those shabby-chic yummy mummies will tell me off for letting the side down.


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