Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bristol Blue

Our newly-weds presented us with this beautiful piece of Bristol Blue Glass on Saturday. We have been collecting blue glass for a few years, some of it rescued from jumble sales and rubbish skips, mostly machine made items but a few handmade pieces and some from that other famous place in Bristol, which decants its produce into those famous blue bottles.

This lovely gift will take pride of place in the collection. I think, though, that it really deserves a shelf of its own. I feel a reorganisation of the house coming on!


  1. Beautiful, but weren't you thinking of relocating? A new house with proper display space maybe.

  2. The house move has been put on hold for a while. Mother-in-law isn't willing to relocate with us and she needs daily attention which she won't accept from outside agencies. Until she is willing to move to a nursing home or to come with us, we are stuck!

  3. We had the same problem with my mother, but we finally couldn't handle it anymore, so we hired a lovely caring lady who spent several hours a day with her, drove her around, did her hair and nails, shopping and light housekeeping. She, not having had the lifetime of whining and complaining the rest of us endured, was much more patient with her.

    We were sorry we hadn’t insisted on that arrangement many years earlier. It worked out great until she finally had to go to a nursing home two years ago where she only lasted a couple of months.

    Don't wait too long or you might be our shoes. We grew up in the big city, then spent about 15 years each in the suburbs of tony Connecticut and a small college town in the Vermont mountains before retiring to a little dot that time forgot on the Atlantic coast of central Florida.

    Our next and final move was to have been to New Mexico, but we waited too long and now that window of opportunity closed, so the desert will have to wait until the next time round.

  4. So glad you love your Bristol Blue Glass! It is lovely, isn't it! I love the blue glass so much that after my 2 trips to England I decided to bring the glass to the USA! I started Bristol Blue Glass USA! www.bristolblueglassusa.com I truly understand your love for these gorgeous pieces! Enjoy!

  5. I had already found your website and am so glad that you share our lovely Bristol Blue with people in the US. My son is organising a trip to the glass blowing factory for my next visit to him in Bristol. I have no doubt I'll be buying more.


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