Wednesday, February 06, 2008

All boxed up and ready to go

In October 2007 it looked like this.

In November it looked like this.

Following several months of careful feeding with cognac, the addition of a chocolate layer and some friendly help it is now ready for the great party.
Peter and David, I hope you've booked your flights.


  1. This is gorgeous! And as is fitting for such a marvel, the post actually appeared in my Bloglines!!!!

  2. This could well be the last cake I'll make, e. No more children to marry off!

  3. You must keep your hand in m. Think of the grandchildren.

  4. Please tell Brit I was just about to leave for the airport but there was a sudden outbreak of the secular heresy and all leave was cancelled. He'll understand.

    Oh, and please give him and his new bride my very best.

  5. We've been having our own celebration here, and frankly I couldn't eat another bite.


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