Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year at the Heart of the Sun

No, I didn't drink too much champagne or get away on the trip of a lifetime - we walked up to Baggy Point this morning and looked down on this rock face which is known as Heart of the Sun. The climbs at Baggy have fascinating names such as Scrattling Zawn, Cheesegrater Cliff, Death on a Stick, Twinkletoes and Dark Angel and quite a lot of young climbers were out there this morning.
We set out in bright sunshine

although the sea was quite choppy.

We realised that the weather was about to change when we got a clear view of Lundy Island on the horizon. It is hard to make out in good weather.
My little digital camera couldn't do justice to the dramatic changes in the light as the storm clouds gathered

We managed to get back to the car before the storm broke. That was an exciting start to 2008.


  1. Looks like a wonderfully exhilarating walk. And what fantastic names, too!

    It's been dreary, damp, dismal, dreich, depressing (all the d-words you can think of) here today.

  2. Yes, J, we had a bright start to the day and that is one of our favourite walks, although it takes me longer to get to the top as it used to! All the d-words apply to the weather for the rest of the day. Perhaps tomorrow will be better for us all.


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