Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Excuses, excuses

We are having a few chaotic days this week. Mother-in-law (91) is having her bathroom and kitchen refurbished and is, therefore, having to spend the days with us, returning to sleep in her own flat. This means that either the MM or I has to be at her flat to let the builders in to do the work.

The work was to have commenced yesterday morning but we had a phone call from the builders' office to say they had been involved in a road accident en route to us. Naturally we were very sympathetic and understanding and agreed to wait for another call to say they were back on the road. We heard no more until 15.00, when a 'supervisor' arrived to measure up (again!) and promised the full team would be here at 09.00 this morning.

The MM went to collect his mother this morning and waited and waited for the no-show builders. At 10.00 we had a phone call from a different person at the builders' office. "I'm sorry," he said, "but our operatives have been involved in a road accident on their way to you."

My mother hated lies above all things. She felt that she could never trust a person again if they had lied to her. She also said that a good liar needs to have a good memory. She would have sacked these people on the spot as totally untrustworthy. I didn't have the power to do that but I suggested they were unbelievably unlucky. I have a strong feeling that our chaos is going to last far longer than the original three day estimate, we are halfway through Day 2 and nothing has been done yet. Any Polish carpenters and plumbers around?

What lame excuses have you been given?


  1. Update at 15.00 hours. Telephone call from carpenter, just arrived at Mother-in-law's apartment to find he could not gain access because the warden (who was going to let him in this morning) has gone off duty. I drove round to let him in, he left all the materials and PROMISED to be there at 08.30 tomorrow. We'll see!

  2. Wednesday update: very nice carpenter arrived ON TIME this morning and promises to stay until his work has been completed.
    Now all we need is for the tiler and the plumber to appear.


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