Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Winnie the Pooh saves the day

We planned to have a lovely day in Exeter today. I had a one-hour appointment but then we were going to visit the new city shopping centre and meander home alongside the River Exe, calling at Bickleigh Mill and then into Tiverton to buy some special goat's cheese. That was before Grandma thought she should have one of her special crises, saved for such occasions; there is never anything more serious than a light bulb needing to be changed but the phone inevitably rings just as we are setting out and the MM feels obliged to answer the call.

So, I went alone, driving a courtesy car from the garage where mine is in for repair. Not having expected to be driving, I hadn't checked the car out properly and I found myself with windscreen wipers on instead of indicators, unable to tune the radio and caught in fog with no idea of where the light switches were; three sets of major roadworks did nothing to make the 67 mile journey any more enjoyable.

I kept my appointment and sat in the carpark eating a sandwich, imagining the lunch we might have been eating in the Fisherman's Cott, if only ...

Driving home, I mysteriously found myself on the outskirts of South Molton, where there just happens to be a wonderful quilting supplies shop! I only wanted some plain white fabric for my next project but look at what was waiting to brighten my day. What more could a grandmother-to-be need than 5 yards of Winnie and friends?


  1. Well. That settles it. A girl it will be.

  2. Loved the Winnie-the-Pooh fabric; I wouldn't have been able to resist either. But did you get your cheese?! Sorry to hear you missed out on Fisherman's Cot, which is where my sister, her family and I often go to eat when she comes to stay.

    Incidentally, when you were travelling from Tiverton to South Molton, you just 10 minutes from my front door at one point. So next time you do that journey you must stop by - I may even be able to serve up some Vulscombe . . .

  3. erp, I'm going to use the fabric regardless of gender!

  4. 60goingon16, No cheese! I'm afraid that I was in such an aggrieved state that I drove to my appointment and headed straight for home! I don't often have a grumpy day but yesterday was one -the thick cloud, drizzle and fog plus the unfamiliar car added nothing to the mood. Then the sun came out on the way home and I got things back into perspective and then I found the fabric.

    I'll let you know when I'm driving down next and I'd love to meet up. My next grumpy day is going to be 22 April 2008, so we'll avoid that one!


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