Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday walk to Baggy Point

Our daughter is visiting for a few days and selected Baggy Point for our Sunday morning walk. The weather was perfect, crisp and sunny, and we set off up the hill with Tanith and the MM kindly walking backwards so that I could take this picture!

They were rather scornful of the amount of equipment these climbers were using on what they regard as the easiest climb around here. It's my guess that Health and Safety regulations have been imposed since our children learned to climb on this novice slab.

Here is the view from the top of Baggy across to the more difficult climbs, where ropes are definitely needed.

We took the top path down the hill; the Bristol Channel on our right and farmland on our left.

At the bottom of the hill is Polly's tea garden, a most welcome resting place after our walk.
(Doesn't the grandfather-to-be look proud!)


  1. That looks like a very tempting walk M! Best done, as you did it, on a clear, sunny day, I imagine.

  2. Yes, D, it used to be one of favourite dog-walkies when we had our beloved Jason. Unfortunately it is one of the places we can't even get to in the summer months now - the surfers have completely taken over in Croyde.

  3. Ah, m it would be a shame to leave such a beautiful place because of the summer people.

    I wonder if your neighbors are as lethargic as ours are here. Our "leaders" are ruining our town in much the same way for reasons of personal gain and the people I talk shrug and act as if we can't do anything about it.

    Are there people in town who welcome the invasion because if the consensus is that the visitors aren't wanted, it should be possible to discourage them by making it expensive and inconvenient to get there and inhospitable for those who persist.

  4. e, the area is run by a small group of very wealthy business men who don't care about local residents. We keep hearing about how good the visitors are for the local economy but I haven't noticed any benefits to my bank balance and certainly not to our way of life. We enjoy it when we can and grumble when we can't but there doesn't seem to be any other choice. We'll be okay now until next summer.

  5. Odd what a small world it is. Somehow I thought you brits would be more likely to keep local government from running amok as they have here. They don't care about voters because they know they can snow them.


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