Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yesterday's post

I did some thinking aloud on the effects of feminism in my post yesterday. That led to some interesting comments from Bret and erp but, unfortunately, also a very nasty, threatening response from one Ms G. I don't know if that is a regular silent reader, or a chance visitor. I acted hastily and instead of removing the offending comment, I deleted the post.


  1. Under Settings/Basic

    Add your Blog to our listings?

    Click no

    and your blog won't get casual hits.

  2. Ah, sadly I was working late yesterday evening and missed the poetic musings of the charming Ms G.

    monix, I do so love your deft combination of life-is-grand, whimsical posts on chocolate cake and nice boys working your garden with gauntlets thrown out to the rest of the world on the end of civilization as we know it. Do keep it up, please. :-)

  3. Thank you, Peter. I'm such an easily distracted person!

    I have just discovered the archive feature in the atom feeds and that I can cut and paste the missing post but not the comments. Shall i risk the wrath of the feminist fiends and republish?

  4. Of course. You can't let bullies decide what you can say. You must fight back!

    If you care, I save most of my comments for a day or two in case they get lost in etherland. If you re-post, I'll re-comment.

  5. erp wrote: "...and your blog won't get casual hits."

    Not exactly. The blog is still searchable by google. So if someone was searching on, say, "feminism", that post would show up eventually (after a few day delay) as a result of the search. Blogs are public.

    I know it hurts when someone rips into the author of a post. Not much a blogger can do about it except grin and bear it (that's the stiff upper lip, no?) and move on.

  6. Ahem, then why does Blogger ask the question: Add your Blog to our listing?

  7. I followed your tip and looked at the 'Add your blog to our listings?' option. It says that your posts will not be shown on but will still be available on the internet. So, if someone googles a subject you have covered, they might see your post in the list the search comes up with. Tryu googling the title of one of your posts.


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