Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sacred Texts

My Best Friend In All The World sent me this Turkish Magic Carpet the other day (thanks, Crinny!). It is a souvenir from her visit to the Exhibition of Holy Texts at the British Library. Unfortunately the exhibition closed at the end of last week but you can see a review and slideshow on the website (link below). You can even view some of the Sacred Texts page by page. Isn't technology wonderful? Has it replaced magic carpets, though?


  1. It's quite beautiful. What are the material and dimensions?

  2. I would love to say that it is big enough to fly away on. In fact it is a miniature but none the less beautiful for that.

  3. I've seen souvenirs like this. They are about the size of a placemat and can be used as antimacassars* or framed and hung of the wall.

    I made a pocketbook (we can't get away from books can we) out of one very similar to this that came from Albania. I'll post a picture of it on my blog later.

    Too much "real world" interference on my time lately.

    Be back anon.

    *Do you think only readers of this blog will know what this is?

  4. erp: Maybe only people of our age will know what an antimacassar is. My grandmother had plenty!

    The magic carpet is actually a mousemat. We start to get little field mice coming into the house at this time of year, I'd like to think they might go flying off on the mat when I'm asleep!

  5. No, we are not cat lovers. My daughter has a severe allergic reaction to cats - her eyes puff up so severely that she is blinded within minutes of being close to one. The little field mice don't stay indoors so long as I don't leave any packs of cereal or crackers within reach.


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