Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An important announcement

I'm going to be a granny!

My lovely daughter has just announced the news. I am just off to dance a little jig.


  1. Wonderful news. Congrats to you and Uncle Brit.

    Not to dilute the party with serious talk or anything, but it would be very interesting to hear you try to explain to the rationalist heathens around here just why this news gives you such happiness and what it means to you. I presume it goes deeper than the prospect of yet another round of cooing and changing diapers?

    When you stop dancing, that is. No rush.

  2. Thank you ,Peter. Tell me, though, how many parties have you been asked to leave?

    Your question is challenging and I would like to attempt to respond but I think, rather than mix it up with our celebration, I'll start a new post.

  3. None, thanks to the very strict instuctions on how to behave I am given by She Who Is Perfect.

  4. I'm glad you have a perfect partner!

    My new post is coming but my internet connection keeps going down for some reason, so it will probably be tomorrow before I finish.

  5. Thank you,David. And an extra thank you for not setting me an essay to write!


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