Thursday, July 19, 2007

Daily(ish) quote #1

In deference to The Daily Duck's Daily Deliberation, created in homage to Bryan Appleyard's Ponder Posts, I thought I would start to start to post a quotation a day (or when I get around to it). Comment on or cap them, as you wish:

"You have to admit that most women who have done something with their lives have been disliked by almost everyone."
Francoise Gilot


  1. Done something other than bear, raise and educate children, along with much of the cottage industry that kept most of mankind clothed through history, which we all know is a trifling matter.

  2. That was going to be my response to any negative comments!

  3. I can't believe a successful, beloved teacher would even consider giving credence to such drivel.

    I don't know who Ms. Gilot is, but what she might mean is "You have to admit that most women who walk through life with a huge chip on their shoulders about how nobody appreciates the wonderful, heroic things they have done with their lives have been disliked by almost everyone". Too true, that.

  4. Peter: I've been getting bored with the lack of conversation around here, so it looks as if I chose well!

    Francoise Gilot (b. 1921 and still living, I think) is a French artist and poet, widow of Jonas Salk and mother of Picasso's children. Her work is successful, so perhaps her chip comes from poor social skills!

  5. Well, what I would like to know here is who is 'you' and who is 'everyone. I identify with neither.

  6. I picked this quotation at random and carelessly from a book of 'Women's Quotations' that someone gave me. Now that I've had time to ponder on it a little, I think it is more than a feminist whinge.

    The woman who springs to mind as one who 'did something' with her life is Margaret Thatcher. She attracted respect and admiration from many people but I would say she was not liked. Was that because the decisions she made and her often ruthless sounding statements were not consistent with our idea of womanliness?

  7. Crinny:
    The problem is that this appeared in a book of one-liners, so I have no context for the quotation. It has served the purpose in getting a little conversation going, though. Enjoy the chocolate cake.

  8. The Blogger, A Portrait In Quotes:

    Now I know why we were taught never to discuss religion or politics at a dinner party. In trying to explore the misunderstandings that have split this little area of Blogoland, I only succeeded in making matters worse.

    MoNix, 06-07-07

    I've been getting bored with the lack of conversation around here, so it looks as if I chose well!

    MoNix, 19-07-07

  9. I'm not sure if that is an admonishment but it's nice to see you, David.

    Even my 'safe' topics seem to get me into trouble. I'm only keeping going because Andrew says he likes to read my inanities and anyway, the weather here is so awful that I'm stuck indoors.

  10. Admonishment? Not in the least. I think this is the eternal blogging dilemna.

  11. I'm relieved to hear it! It shows how much we depend on intonation, facial expression and body language for meaning, doesn't it?

    There's a great deal of money waiting for someone who can come up with a way of putting expression into the blogged word.

    I hope you are well and that you can get out for more walks than we can at present. Our feet are growing webs.

  12. I'm very well. In the last two weeks I've taken a final exam, repainted the living room and, while I was at it, rearranged the furniture, took my wife on a romantic weekend in Boston, mowed the lawn, cut up a tree that fell in a violent thunderstorm crashing through our tree house, recaulked the kids' bathtub, cut back the woods threatening to recapture our lawn and shampooed the family room carpet. Next week it's the downstairs lav: new paint (red), new tile floor and wainscoting and new fixtures (all white).

    The dog and I are still walking almost every day. We've had a beautiful and relatively cool (though wetter than usual) summer.


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