Thursday, May 03, 2007

In Arcadia ego

I though that residents of Middletown might like to acompany me on my regular morning walk in Arcadia, so this morning I took the camera along:

Turning right from my house, we walk along Pixie Lane.

Here we are at the start of the steep climb out of the village. It is good for the heart but I'm not sure about the knees.

Stopping to catch our breath halfway up the hill, we look down on the modern houses and across the Great Field to the estuary.

I hope you think the view from the top of the hill was worth the effort. The morning mist hasn't quite cleared but you can just see the River Taw making its way to the Bristol Channel.
Another right turn leads us down the hill and home for breakfast.
While this may be our 'Grockle-free zone', regular visitors to this site may become honorary Arcadians and consider themselves to be most welcome guests.
(Happy Birthday Brit! Wish you were here?)


  1. Happy birthday Brit! (No wonder he's worried about being cool.)

  2. monix:

    Thanks. Tomorrow at 10:00am for two weeks suit you? OK if we bring the in-laws?

  3. Peter, I'll start baking the chocolate cake!

  4. Duck:
    I expect I'm in real trouble for letting that cat out of the bag. But as I'm still hanging on to pretensions of 'middle age' he can keep his cool for a while longer.

  5. HB,B. This is a big one, innit.

  6. David
    The last trauma of such magnitude was the passage from age 4 to 5.


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