Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I hope to be back soon!

I'm about to attempt the most challenging technical feat of my life - changing to wireless. I've had problems with broadband for a few months; BT haven't been able to solve them so I'm going to have a go myself. If I'm not back within a month I hope someone will come and rescue me!


  1. It didn't work! When I tried to install the wireless adapter into my PC it went crazy - warning lights, whistles and bells telling me that the adapter would destabilise my system. So, is it back to the shop for a different adapter or carry on losing my phone connection when online?

  2. Can you get them to come and install it for you? If you complain hard enough to BT, they might.

  3. Progress report on my communication with BT:
    Me: My Broadband connection has worked for a year, now it doesn't.
    BT: We'll put you through to our broadband expert.
    Broadband expert based in India with very poor English: Your Broadband connection is working, no problem. You need a telephone engineer.
    BT telephone engineer: Well, you are speaking on the phone so it is obviously working. You need a Broadband expert.
    Me: (10th attempt) The phone line works alone, the Broadband works alone, they won't work together. Please help.
    BT manager: If our engineer comes to your house he will plug his phoneline tester in and it will work so we will charge you for a wrongful callout. We have never heard of this problem before. Sorry we can't help but, yes, we will continue to charge you for our services.

    Any further suggestions? I don't know if another service provider would be any better because they all work through the phone line don't they? There isn't any cable in the village.


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