Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter holiday

The Easter weekend has arrived with unaccustomed glorious weather. The main road through the village, which runs to the beaches at Saunton and Croyde, is already gridlocked with battered old camper vans full of Aussie surfers and the MGBs of the London weekend surfers. The beachside car parks will show the diversity of income and lifestyle of our visitors but, once they are in the water, only the sunbleached hair will distinguish the year round surfers from the City bonus spenders.

I went into the garden early this morning to watch the birds enjoying the sunshine. Unfortunately the sunny weather has brought out all the weeds as well but I won't have time to get at them. My son and daughter and their respective spouses will be arriving soon and meals and Easter church services will be high on the agenda. I've just had a bright idea, though: Andrew and Tanith's school motto was 'Read and Reap', I could adapt that for the weekend to 'Weed and Eat' - an hour of work in the garden in return for mum's home cooking!

Happy Easter to everyone.


  1. Thank you, Duck.

    I'm afraid my strategy failed. We have shared a LCW (long country walk), good food and wine and lots of chocolate but not a weed has been pulled. The excuses have ranged from 'I can't tell which are weeds and which are plants' to 'I work better after I've eaten.'

    Never mind, I've had my revenge! I force-fed them all chocolate cake and cream so they will have to spend the next three weeks at the gym working it off.

  2. You're a cruel, cruel woman, Monix!

    Actually that is a pretty good excuse. When I was living at home my father gave me the task of weeding the garden. He had planted a lady slipper which I mistook for a weed and yanked. He never asked me to weed the garden again.

  3. I never mastered that clever ploy of doing things badly so that I wouldn't be asked again! I think the world is made up of those who have, they spend holidays loafing around, and those who haven't, who end up doing the washing up! I wonder if 61 is too old to learn?

  4. Sure you can. Just pretend you're losing your memory. Start serving the soup cold. Substitute salt for sugar in a dessert by "accident". Put your husband's shoes in the fridge. While your guests are eating a casserole you made, stroll in with an empty cat food tin and say "Blimey, I opened the wrong can again. I don't know where my mind has gotten to lately." They will become more self-sufficient, you watch.

  5. Thank you, Duck. I can't wait to get started!

  6. Monix
    What happened to your other posts?


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