Friday, March 02, 2007

Infra dig reporting

Tom Leonard was obviously not best pleased to be asked to report on the over-the-top funeral of Anna Nicole Smith for The Daily Telegraph today. I've seldom read a more catty article. By all means mock the pink blanket, feathers and ribbons, the tiara, beaded gown and pink roses, but to write of her 'decomposing remains' was in equally bad taste. Or have I missed something? Don't American undertakers know how to embalm bodies?

"Her mother and former lovers, still bickering over custody of the former Playboy model's baby daughter and the potential fortune she may inherit, temporarily laid aside their differences and gathered around Smith's decomposing remains in Nassau, the Bahamas.
Pallbearers wheeled Smith's remains in a mahogany coffin covered by a pink blanket covered in feathers and ribbons, and resting on a trolley, into a Baptist church which was festooned with pink roses.
Outside, several hundred islanders and tourists watched from behind steel barricades. Inside the coffin, Smith's body - refrigerated since her sudden death on Feb 8 - was dressed in a beaded designer gown and wearing a tiara.
The body had been flown by private plane from Florida where mortuary staff had applied copious amounts of make-up and special embalming cream that smothers decayed flesh."

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