Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Email more damaging than marijuana

It is always a relief to find something amusing amid the doom and gloom of the daily news reports. Today's gem was on the front page of the Daily Telegraph: an article warning us of the dangers of email addiction. You can now book yourself into a recovery programme to rid you of your obsessive checking for emails and, no doubt, a lot of your money, too.

A life coach for business executives in America devised
the plan for cases such as a golfer who checked his BlackBerry after every shot
and lost a potential client who thought he was a socially-inept obsessive.
Marsha Egan said email misuse could cost businesses millions of pounds in lost
It isn't just our business that is being hit, but our IQ
Research by King's College London says addiction to email
is doubly worrying because such technology depletes cognitive abilities more
rapidly than drugs.
Anyone want a life-class on recovery from blogging addiction? Send me a cheque for a very large sum and I'll send you lots of advice, via email of course.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. 365 spam emails later.
    Where do I sign?

  3. Dear annalouise
    How nice to hear from you. As today's lucky (only!) respondent, I'm giving you a free taster of my lifeclass:-
    3 ways to deal with spam:
    1. Coat in batter and fry
    2. Hire a poet (e.g. Brit) to turn it into something more (or less) digestible
    3. Forward it all to tblair@downingstreet, he's trying to establish a world record for replying to emails.

  4. I've read that smoking decreases the urge to e-mail.

  5. I wonder what the effect of smoking and emailing at the same time has on the IQ?


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