Saturday, September 21, 2013

Harvest time

This evening, we will be holding our Harvest Thanksgiving service. I made the harvest loaf last year and I was asked to do it again so I spent yesterday morning happily rolling and pulling dough to produce this:
I will have a basket of homegrown goodies to take, too, unlike last year when I had to buy everything from the greengrocer. I have  a good crop of potatoes, tomatoes, aubergine and sweetcorn to take and there may even be a few raspberries left if the birds don't beat me to them. I love this opportunity to bring the summer to a fitting close.

! ! Harvest Festival

When on a glorious day – one such as this –
you’re overcome with awe and wonder, praise,
and part-formed gratitude… which seeks some one
to thank for this, by laying at their feet
all that the world has brought us unannounced
as seedcorn turned to golden harvest wheat –

then who would hesitate, to draw in light
a greater One as whom to kneel before,
to make of our humility, a ‘One’
as if we were some grateful ‘other’; we,
less worthy, painting pure duality..

..don’t hesitate: praise is beyond a ‘two’;
what now we praise, becomes our very self;
in praise, name radiates as kingdom, come;
and kingdom hallows all, as all its own;
so, glory in that sound of praise so fine;
for when you shine with praise – then all things shine.


  1. Loaf seems too small, too common a word for that beautifully sculpted sheaf of "golden harvest wheat". A "sheaf" of bread seems more apt. Well done!

    1. I like that, NE. Next year I will present my "sheaf of bread" to the Harvest Festival and I'll think of you.

  2. Your harvest loaf is so beautiful that I pinned it to Autumn!

    I wish our churches had Harvest Thanksgiving services. i feel as if I'm in the middle of a Miss Read book reading your post today. Actually, I often feel that when visiting you. It's wonderful that you are taking your own produce to the service as well as your loaf, instead of having to buy from the "greengrocer"--I am so envious of that word! And your aubergines. Enough to make me wish the Colonies still belonged to Britain!

    1. You could always hold your own Harvest Thanksgiving at home, Dewena. With your wonderful garden and gift for displays, you could have a Harvest Supper and share the photos with us!

      We are not quite in Miss Read territory here but we are certainly 25 years or more behind the cities in our pace of life. Once the summer visitors (known locally as the grockles) have left us and the roads are quiet again, we all settle back to a more peaceful existence.


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